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In 2016, craft brewer Rrëy launched their traditional German-style beers into the Mexican beer market. Recognizing that bucking local beer styles can be challenging, they utilize language, typography and colors to shorten the distance between their home and their European influences.

Rrëy Glass

The brand was inspired by the phrase “Kings to you” from The Count of Monte Cristo, where a chess piece is offered as a symbol of recognition.

Rrëy Logo

“Rey” is Spanish for “king” — but they added an extra “r” as a nod to their home city Monterrey. The wordmark is influenced by traditional German blackletter and an umlaut has been added above the “e” to further emphasize that connection. In just four letters they are able to tie their local roots with their European background.


The color palette aims to debunk common beliefs that craft beers are rich and heavy. White symbolizes the light flavor of Rrëy and visually differentiates it from other craft beers. The red and gold accents give the brand a regal element without needing to clutter the label with capes and crowns.

Rrëy Bottles

Rrëy Cap

Rrëy Cases

Rrëy Opener

Rrëy Caps

Rrëy Glass

Rrëy Glass

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One Lonely Comment

  1. So simple and powerful at the same time. I’m really digging the midevil and royal feel of the brand.