Bronx Banner Can

Bronx Banner

February 9, 2017 | Designed by Elmwood

The Bronx Brewery has enjoyed success in the tri-state area and have big aspirations for their latest release, Bronx Banner. This the biggest launch in their five year history, aiming to grow their following to a larger geographic audience. The Kolsch-inspired ale will also serve as the company’s flagship (or “banner”) beer.

Bronx Banner Cans

The strength of The Bronx Brewery is its no-nonsense attitude to brewing. The local community is loyal to its hard-working and industrious approach to craft beer, so we respected this position while still bridging the gap between craft and the light-beer space.

— Christian Bird, Associate Creative Director, Elmwood

Bronx Banner Cases

“A line developed by The Bronx Brewery — a brew for those who ‘make stuff happen’ — was key inspiration and guidance for our approach right from the start.”

Bronx Banner Cans

“To attract light-beer drinkers to the craft beer world, we stayed away from esoteric craft ale terminology and design cues, and instead created a no-nonsense tone-of-voice.”

Bronx Brewery Logo

“The bespoke logotype was carefully developed to reflect the local metal manufacturing industry in the neighborhood, through the use of punched and stamped metal. At the same time, the metallic color palette also references the light and easy going nature of the brew. A collage of industrial design elements and hidden details from the brewery’s history create a detailed and dense pattern to reinforce its heritage further.”

Bronx Banner Poster