Braxton Storm Cans

Storm Golden Cream Ale

November 17, 2015 | Designed by Neltner Small Batch

Braxton Brewing Company is releasing their first canned beer, Storm. This Golden Cream Ale was the first beer their head brewer and co-founder Evan Rouse ever brewed in his family’s garage on Braxton Drive in Union, Kentucky. Storm has been the most popular beer in the taproom since opening in March.

“Storm has always been one of my favorite recipes I developed, it’s light, crisp, clean, and extremely drinkable. It made perfect sense to make it our first packaged product.” said Rouse. “For our customers to be able to take it home and enjoy it in their own homes and garages is a dream come true.”

Braxton Storm Can

“Words can’t really describe the excitement at Braxton right now,” said Jake Rouse, Braxton Brewing Company’s CEO and Co-Founder. “It’s been a milestone for our entire company — to package the product, and to be able to do so with our own canning line and beautifully printed cans from Ball has been a true team effort.”

Braxton Storm Can

“Braxton in cans is the epitome of the garage. The format is such an American icon to tell the brand story with,” said Keith Neltner Creator/Owner of Neltner Small Batch. ”The Storm can is a first for Neltner Small Batch and we couldn’t be more stoked to share this milestone with the Braxton family.”

If you’re in the area, check out the launch party at the brewery tonight!

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  1. I knew I’d see this on here sooner or later! Excellent work, rich story and visuals. Looking forward to more variants being released. Cheers fellas!