Widmer Brothers 2008-2013

May 1, 2015 | Designed by Various

Widmer Bros 2008-2013

The final installment of “30 Beers for 30 Years” from Widmer Brothers Brewing captures the years 2008-2013. Each label was created by a local Portland, OR designer.

You can see previous releases from this series here:
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Widmer Bros 2008

2008 X-114 IPA designed by Stunt Double

Sometimes true experimentation requires a dash of “mad scientist.” Taking inspiration from the iconic 1930’s vision of an electrified Frankenstein’s monster come-to-life, StuntDouble is proud to present the X-114 IPA: A product of bold experimentation in hops that resulted in a true monster of a beer! It’s Alive!!

Widmer Bros 2009

2009 Belgian Golden Ale designed by The Beauty Shop

Our design for the W’09 Belgian Style Golden Ale seeks to capture the essence of late summer. The copper of tall grain swaying under the noonday sun, sunlight shimmering on a lake during golden hour. We wanted to evoke a feeling as as bright and ethereal as summer itself. The last delicious days of August. Nothing gold can stay.

Widmer Bros 2010

2010 Pitch Black IPA designed by Justin “Scrappers” Morrison

Drinking beer around the camp fire under the pitch black sky alive with twinkling stars is one of my favorite things in the whole world. So I made some art about it. Big deal.

Widmer Bros 2011

2011 KGB Russian Imperial Stout designed by John Fisher

Inspiration for design is all around us. Every experience matters. Design is not just about aesthetic which is more about the individual, it’s about how our design influences others and creates change in a positive way.

Widmer Bros 2012

2012 Kill Devil designed by Samuel Darst Robinette

The hand-drawn label for Kill Devil was created to tell the story of the ingredients and process used to brew this strong ale. The illustrative technique and color palate used were inspired by the packaging and posters of early 19th century French Rhum distilleries of the French West Indies.

Widmer Bros 2013

2013 Massive Upheaval Imperial IPA designed by John Fish

My inspiration for this design came from massive upheavals in history. I looked at a lot of imagery from the American revolution and early political propaganda from that era. Take Benjamin Franklin’s “Join OR Die” cartoon for example. I also looked at a lot of imagery from secret sects and societies such as the Free Masons and the Illuminati, who have been accused of being groups with interests in causing an upheaval of government and the development of a New World Order. The hand represents a feeling of who I perceive myself to be, or who I am as myself. The jaw represents who I say I am to others, and what I say I believe in or stand for. The arrow is representational of action and the follow through of both of these ideas.

Animated gifs courtesy of Transport and Sasquatch:

Widmer 2008
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