Widmer Brothers 2002-2007

Widmer Brothers 2002-2007

March 2, 2015 | Designed by Various

The fourth installment of “30 Beers for 30 Years” from Widmer Brothers Brewing captures the years 2002-2007. Each label was created by a local Portland, OR designer.

Widmer Brothers 2002-2007

Widmer Brothers 2002 Bottle

2002 Cherry Bomb designed by Rory Phillips

Initially ‘Cherry Bomb’ made me think of lurid mid-century pin-up art. But I wanted to reapropriate that concept for 2002, with a more empowered and Portlandy female icon. My inspiration came Riot Grrrl and punk aesthetic and figures like Kathleen Hanna, Brody Dalle and Poison Ivy. But also from the broader influence of women in music in 2002; Avril Lavigne, AGSFB, The Donnas, Gwen Stephani, Pink, Saraha Hotnights et al.

Widmer Brothers 2003 Bottle

2003 Der Über Tüber designed by Jolby & Friends

The main inspiration for our label was a drunk Mr. Potato Head and what kind of trouble he would get into at Oktoberfest. He’s lost some limbs, but he’s still going! Prost to you, Mr. Über Tüber Head!

Widmer Brothers 2004 Bottle

2004 Sommerbräu designed by OMFG CO.

We wanted our bottle to feel unique and memorable, and we wanted to represent summer in a simple and iconic way—sunglasses felt like the perfect solution. Since they are wide as a graphic, we turned them sideways on the bottle, which then made it obvious that they should be hanging on a v-neck summertime shirt, so that’s what we did. And it’s a nice bonus that it makes us laugh every time we look at it. #goldenchesthair

Widmer Brothers 2005 Bottle

2005 Broken Halo IPA designed by Sasquatch Agency

Broken Halo IPA has always been one of our favorite beers. Our illustration for the bottle was inspired by the undertones of good & evil in the name. We also wanted to pay homage to the lore of the India Pale Ale with an illustration and lettering style reminiscent of a sailor’s tattoo.

Widmer Brothers 2006 Bottle

2006 Re-Gifted Red designed by Ben Parsons

By exploring early 20th century typographic styles and lockups and utilizing contemporary and utilitarian typefaces in the design, I wanted to highlight the old world meets new world approach that the Widmer Brothers are famous for in their beers. And by putting their family name on each and every Widmer beer, Kurt and Rob are making a vow to make the greatest beer possible. Like so many long gone businesses of the old world, the Widmer Brothers are willing to risk their own reputations for the beer they craft-a truly old-school, honest and inspiring approach.

Widmer Brothers 2007 Bottle

2007 Rejected Ale designed by Mairwen Eslinger

My illustration of Rejected Ale was inspired by Kurt and Rob Widmer’s dedication to making handcrafted beer. My goal was to capture their salty (and sweet) feelings of being kicked out of the Brewer’s Association. Prost to handcrafted (and never crafty) beer!

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One Lonely Comment

  1. So culturally rich and evocative! The concept and designs are stunning, and the collaborative aspect is something that makes these high-value. A true collector’s series.