Real Ale Brewing Co.

Real Ale Brewing Co.

February 19, 2015 | Designed by The Butler Bros

Earlier this week, Real Ale Brewing of Blanco, TX unveiled a complete rebranding. The new look packaging provides much needed visual unity to the beers they have been brewing for 19 years.

Real Ale Old Bottles

Previous Bottles

We often hear people say they’ve been drinking one of our beers for years and didn’t realize it was Real Ale. We decided it was time to make it a little easier on our customers to see and try the beers we offer, as well as understand who its coming from.

— Brad Farbstein, Owner, Real Ale Brewing

New Bottles

New bottles

The new logo includes a prominent hop icon, as a nod to the brewery’s original logo. The surrounding sprocket comes from the label of Real Ale’s first beer, Firemans #4.

Real Ale Logos

Before & After Logos

Real Ale Firemans 4

Real Ale Bottles

Real Ale Cap

Real Ale Cases

Real Ale Six Packs

Real Ale Icons

Real Ale Six Pack

Real Ale Taps

Real Ale Cans

Real Ale Ad

Real Ale Logo

Comments (2)

  1. What’s the main font used here, it’s lovely ?

  2. A slightly-modified Banque Gothique?