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February 19, 2014 | Designed by id29

Garry Brown, then owner of a small but seriously capable brewpub in Upstate, NY called Troy Pub and Uncle Sam Brewery, came to us in early 2004. His objective: To go regional and, eventually national with his fine ales and lagers. Garry knew that his existing brand and articulation of his story weren’t up to the task. He knew that his presentation and image not only needed to reflect the quality of his products and ideals, but also needed to stand out amongst the overly-crowded shelves of craft beerdom.

We embarked upon several weeks of brand strategy development, research and creative development. We renamed his company, fixed his brand architecture and developed the foundational brand, identity and creative assets that Garry is now successfully using to bring his tasty elixirs to-market.

Since 2004, the craft beer market has doubled in size. Solid branding and design is more important than ever in this fiercely competitive and still growing segment. From where we sit, Brown’s is well set for long-term success and it truly couldn’t happen to a nicer, harder working guy.

— id29

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