Great Raft Brewing

Great Raft Brewing

January 3, 2014 | Designed by DeRouen & Co.

From the early days when Great Raft Brewing was just an idea on a sheet of paper, we knew that in order to stand out in the exploding craft beer market, we would need clean, powerful design and a strong, consistent brand. We extensively researched some of our favorite beers and beer brands to get ideas. Of course, the beer will speak for itself, but it’s also important to build a strong brand with which the public can identify. We knew from the start that we wanted to work with a designer who could not only help us build the Great Raft Brewing brand, but also had experience within the craft beer market. That’s why we’ve been working with DeRouen & Co., out of Austin, Texas from the get-go.

We didn’t want the Great Raft Brewing brand to live completely in the past, and DeRouen & Co. has done a great job of adding a clean, modern edge to the brand. The full-can illustrations from other breweries such as 21st Amendment and Half Acre stood out to us. We wanted to bring that artistic element to our cans here in Louisiana to represent our brand, and most importantly, the beer inside.

It didn’t take long for us to determine the artist with whom we wanted to work. We reached out to Justin Helton at Status Serigraph to help us create can designs for our Commotion Pale Ale and Southern Drawl Pale Lager. We have some of Justin’s concert posters framed at the house and found that his prints embody the south. We shared our initial thoughts with DeRouen & Co. and they managed that process and what has resulted is truly remarkable.

— Great Raft Brewing

Great Raft Brewing Commotion Cans

Great Raft Brewing Southern Drawl Cans

Great Raft Brewing Growler

Great Raft Brewing Keg

Great Raft Brewing Tap Handles

Great Raft Brewing Logo

Our initial brand assignment was to playfully reference the history and heritage of Shreveport paying special attention to the brewery’s namesake the Great Raft. This 180-mile logjam obstructed the Red River and was finally cleared in 1838. After its founding in 1836, Shreveport grew to become a center of steamboat commerce and a vibrant part of the Deep South. After immersing ourselves in the history of the region, our representation of a steam snagboat fell into place as an iconic representation of Great Raft Brewing. Paired with hand drawn type, the logo is a contemporary take on older, more traditional beer typography. Tap handles, growlers and supporting elements pick up this thread and play off of Southern tradition and the visual style and culture of the steamboat era.

— Derrit DeRouen, DeRouen & Co.

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  1. I want a beer that celebrates Shreveport’s heritage and history. That’s why I drink Lone Star!

    I’m glad these designers from Texas and Tennessee got to visit the Farmer’s Almanac Store while in NWLA, but there’s a hell of a lot more to us than seed catalogs and nobody has a southern drawl.

    • Why I do declare grumpy…you are an….well bless you heart

      Their beer is amazing

      • I had a chai-honey beer from them at an art opening that was disgusting but I had hoped their regular brews were better. Now I don’t care because any local business that does not support other local businesses may as well be a franchise as far as I’m concerned.

        • I must say that although their branding isn’t anywhere near as 1919 via 2005 as Great Raft, Red River has consistently excellent beers.

  2. Can’t speak to local heritage, but the illustrations are great. Love the moths (I know, big surprise).

  3. Everything I’ve sampled from Great Raft is AMAZING! I’m completely impressed! Love the artwork – branding is spot-on.

  4. Love how the crosshatch is used as reflection under the steamboat.

  5. I think all three Great Raft beers are excellent. Grumpy…why all the hate???

  6. I agree with Grumpy. For Grumpy only drinks Lone Star beer and anyone who likes beer like that are not accustomed to what handcrafted beer tastes like or are they accustomed to it. Some folks like driving Ford Pintos and some folks like driving BMWs. Grumpy likes driving Pintos…

  7. Where are you located and can you take a tour of the brewery?

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