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C.H. Evans Brewing Co.

January 23, 2014 | Designed by id29

Cornelius Evans’ family has a rich heritage of brewing. Their original brewery in Hudson, NY was built in 1786; the brewery’s ales were enjoyed in the Northeast U.S. as well as England and France. So, when Neil Evans IV asked id29 to re-imagine his brewery and product brands, we approached the project with great care. While many of today’s craft brewery brands are extremely progressive, this was not the time to introduce whacky irreverence into the C.H. Evans brand. We used the original mark (below) and existing Evans brand assets as a base. From that design, we pulled the most beautiful, most relevant components and logically enhanced and updated them.

The new brand aesthetic that we developed for C.H. Evans Brewing Co. is certainly contemporary but its also extremely respectful of the brewery’s history. When a craft brewery’s brand assets make you thirsty (and scientific research shows that these do), you know they’re working.

— id29

C.H. Evans Brewing Co. Old Logo

C.H. Evans Brewing Co. Logo

C.H. Evans Brewing Co. Logos

C.H. Evans Brewing Co. Badges

C.H. Evans Brewing Co. Shirt

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  1. Very cool t-shirt.

  2. What happened to the lion’s mouth on the beer labels and t-shirt? Doesn’t look right.