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Finlandia Sahti

December 27, 2013 | Designed by BTL Brands

Sahti is a strong, dark, traditional Finnish beer made from a variety of grains, usually served not far from where it was brewed. It’s the kind of drink your grandfather might brew at his country house and serve the family at Christmas dinner. Always authentic, always strong, and usually modest in its branding. But there are bigger brands that are sold in stores around the country, and one of these is Finlandia Sahti. Today it stands in the corner of the liquor store largely ignored, because when it grew from being just a local brand to being available nationwide in Finland, its branding didn’t grow with it.

It’s a shame, not just for the brand, but for the beverage as a whole. In a world where generic “international beers” dominate the market, we think Sahti has a lot of character and deserves better.

We saw the tired old reindeer on the bottle and took it upon ourselves to jolt it back to life. The challenge was to keep the reindeer as the hero, thus keeping the brand’s heritage, but in a way that was fresh and unique. Our solution was simple: reindeer + grain = Finlandia Sahti. We chose a pop-top bottle not just for practicality, but to give the bottle the impression of antlers as well. From there we kept the design of the packaging simple and rustic, to reflect the brand’s down-to-earth Finnish country heritage.

— BTL Brands

Finlandia Sahti Packaging

Finlandia Sahti Logo

Finlandia Sahti Before

Comments (2)

  1. Oh, the one before was way more awesome! Got such a nice retro feel to it.

  2. The design doesn’t speak Scandinavia to me, nor traditional, but maybe that’s what it needs to stand out in its lonely liquor-store corner seat.