Feral Brewing Co.

Feral Brewing Company

November 4, 2013 | Designed by Block Branding

At a time when all the big guys are jumping on the craft brew trend and every bloke and his accountant-mate starting a trendy micro-brewery, Feral is the real deal. Feral is all about what’s in the bottle, so we felt this rebranding shouldn’t look overworked or pretentious. What we have created is the antithesis of the minimalist or ‘ye olde’ beer brands that are cluttering the market.

— Mark Braddock, Creative Director, Block

The branding process started with the purchase of an old photocopier for $50 so that the packaging and promotional material would be genuinely fresh and DIY.

The explosion of beer labels has seen the beer cabinet become one of the most crowded retail spaces imaginable, so our new look has been created to own its shelf space in a very ‘ballsy’ way — which is absolutely on-brand for us. With a name like Feral, we were never going to nice and quiet. Block have done a great job at bringing the outside of the bottle in line with what’s inside it.

— Steve Finney, Sales & Marketing Manager, Feral Brewing

Feral Hop Hog Ad

Feral Hop Hog Bottle

Feral Hop Hog Packaging

Feral Sly Fox Ad

Feral Sly Fox Bottle

Feral Sly Fox Packaging

Feral Smoked Porter Ad

Feral Smoked Porter Bottle

Feral Smoked Porter Packaging

Feral White Ad

Feral White Bottle

Feral White Packaging