Drake's Jolly Rodger 2013

Drake’s Jolly Rodger

November 27, 2013 | Designed by Molly McCoy

Our longest running seasonal keeps our spirit of pioneering (or privateering) alive. In June of 1990, our founder Roger Lind brewed, “Jolly Roger’s Extra Strong Ale,” an English-style Barleywine, and despite it’s size and intensity in mid-summer, Jolly caught the attention and fascination of both Roger and his fans. He brewed the beer again for the winter season with a couple changes, and thus a Drake’s holiday tradition of Jolly began. However, the next year, Jolly Roger was not a Barleywine, and the year after that it changed again, and the year after that… and so on. Each year Drake’s Jolly Rodger explores different seas and takes on different styles to keep you all on your toes. Who knows, maybe he’ll drop anchor in a specific style one day, maybe he won’t. You’ll have to check in each year to find out.
Drake’s Brewing

Previous Jolly Rodgers:
2012: American Barleywine
2011: Imperial Black IPA
2010: Imperial Red Ale
2009: Imperial Brown Ale

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