Cerveza Indio

September 2, 2013 | Designed by Bulletproof

Redesign the Indio brand to better reflect the brand’s rich heritage and personality to drive desire and demand among cool young urbans. How? By creating a strong modern brand identity that would become instantly recognisable and bring the brand’s personality of inspiring independence and creative discovery to life, as well as reach the brand’s full market potential.

Getting our Mexican on… researching the brand’s Mexican roots, deconstructing the brand identity and stripping away the unnecessary noise to find our Indio hero again. The Sunstone inspired brand identity takes its inspiration from Aztec calendars — embedding elements of discovery within the dial, each icon represents a different product, brand or consumer truth. Cuauhtémoc (Emperor) takes a confident new stance illustrated in the bold colours of the Mexican flag. While not forgetting the rich Indio brand heritage, the new identity conveys a progressive spirit, inspiring consumers to search for things that are not instantly identifiable — ‘La cosa es buscarle’ — the point is to search.
— Bulletproof

Indio Bottles


Indio Truck

Indio Logo


Indio Cans

Comments (2)

  1. overdesigned

  2. Very overworked design. Roundel doesn’t sit well on the bottle, looks more like its been designed for Bulletproof’s PR campaign rather than for consumers. Nice try lads, but its trying far too hard.