Waterloo Cans

Waterloo Seasonal Packs

August 2, 2013 | Designed by The Unitas Reputation Agency

Equal parts historic and legendary. Waterloo Brewing Co. has released 3 new seasonal small batch brews. Waterloo Brewing Company is Ontario’s original craft brewery. The history of our company dates back to our pioneer brewery founded in 1870 in Formosa, Ontario Waterloo beer is a family of highly hand-crafted products without the pretense that often accompanies craft and imported beers. Waterloo Brewing Company. Beer with character, for people of character. Designed by The Unitas Reputation Agency of Canada, to complement the original Waterloo family of beers, while projecting a distinct story and flavour profile for each of the seasonal brews.
— The Unitas Reputation Agency

Design: Joel Derksen
Design Director: Clare McGoldrick
Copy Writer: Bryan Hobson, Jason Thomas

Fonts used: Brothers, Saracen

Waterloo Cans
Waterloo Cans
Waterloo Cans

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