Duck Foot Bottles

Duck Foot Brewing Co.

August 7, 2013 | Designed by Madonna+Child

These gluten-free beers won’t be available until 2014, but their packaging has already been released into the wild.

If I had to choose a lumberjack I would choose Paul Bunyan but I was choosing a design firm so I chose Madonna+Child.
— Matt Delvecchio, Head Quack/Founder, Duck Foot Brewing

This Southern California brewery crafts artisanal brews for rad people. We used the skateparks, half-pipes, mountains and waves where this brand found it’s conception to build a flexible system of designs. Family crests, illustrated with juvenile depictions of objects and landscapes give the bottles & 4-packs a goofy stance.
— Madonna+Child

Logo designed by Rich Anderson.

Font used: Fink Heavy

Duck Foot Bottles

Duck Foot Bottles

Duck Foot Bottles

Duck Foot Bottles

Duck Foot Logo

Comments (3)

  1. Hi guys, which barley do you use to make a glutin free beer?
    Paolo P

    • We reduce the gluten levels in the beer downwards of below 20ppm through a special fermentation process. All the grains are traditional brewing grains so you get the great taste of a beer without the irritation.

  2. Thank you Matt,
    Can you tell me where can I read about this fermentation process?
    Thank you