Oast House Brewers Bottles

Niagara Oast House Brewers

July 16, 2013 | Designed by Insite Design

Nestled amongst the Niagara wineries along the road into Niagara-on-the-lake Ontario lies a big old red barn — now the home of the new Niagara Oast House Brewers. The brewery is the passion of a group of local Niagara wine and beer industry friends that decided beer was their love.

The Saison and Biere de Garde are Belgian style farm ales. Seasonals that would have traditionally been served to keep farm workers hydrated and happy in the fields as well as to celebrate the harvest. The ales are an embrace of the local farm spirit that is so deeply integral to the Niagara region.

Oast House Brewers Bottles

Oast House Brewers Bottles

Oast’s staple summer release ale package was designed to carry on with the family feel of the premium Belgian Bottle fermented parent packages under cork and cage, but with a simpler crown.

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Comments (3)

  1. We love Oast House! Their Saison is especially delicious. Their brewery and tap room is also beautiful, I suggest anyone in the area (or not) to stop by there for a visit: http://www.ltdsupply.ca/?p=1007

  2. Agreed, Oast House is awesome. It’s a MUST SEE (and drink) when you’re in the area. Really friendly and knowledgeable staff and the beer rocks.

  3. This is by far one of my favorite label designs