Double Vienna Bottle

Double Vienna

July 10, 2013 | Designed by D-Lab

Concept and creation of a beer label Double Vienna for Morada Cia Etílica from Curitiba, Brazil. The label design was inspired by ambigrams, in which a graphical representation of one or more words can be rotated with same phonetics and visual representations.
— D-Lab

Double Vienna Bottle

Double Vienna Label

Comments (9)

  1. This is great, love ambigrams!

  2. Love seeing my beer here =)

    • Congratulations Andre!! And I can say that the beer outperform the label in quality and balance, great beer!!

  3. Great label, great beer, great brewers!!

  4. That´s not only a beautiful label design, but a really nice beer too.

  5. Double beer! Fantastic label!
    Congratulations André!