Tin Man Brewing Cans

Tin Man Brewing Co.

June 11, 2013 | Designed by Matt Wagner Design & Melodic Virtue

Packaging and identity for Evansville, Indiana’s Tin Man Brewing Company.

Tin Man Brewing Logos

Tin Man Brewing Business Card

Tin Man Brewing Billboard

Tin Man Brewing Co.

Tin Man Brewing Website

Tin Man Brewing Growler

Tin Man Brewing Cans

Tin Man Brewing Circuit Can

Comments (8)

  1. A great company and even better beer!

  2. Good looking can lineup. Nice consistency with a large enough color change to differentiate between flavors / styles.

  3. I love the circuitry and gear look. Simple yet awesome.

  4. “Ordinary Beer Does not Compute.”

    Awesome work here.

  5. This is real sharp, consistant branding all the way down to the architectural details of the brew pub. The port-hole windows are perfect.

    I agree with scott about the cans. The subtle adjustments in the tone on tone backgrounds to go along with the name of the beer is great.

  6. Gorgeous packaging, gorgeous brand – made my top brand of the month (published next week).


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