Shiner Bavarian Amber Packaging

Shiner 98 Bavarian Amber

June 21, 2013 | Designed by McGarrah Jessee

Shiner created a limited run of Bavarian Style Amber to celebrate its 98th year of brewing. We wanted the packaging for 98 to feel like a step back in time. So we went back through Shiner’s archives, liberating old ad slogans and re-interpreting design cues into packaging as authentic and engaging as the brand itself. Spread cheer with Shiner beer!
— McGarrah Jessee

Shiner Bavarian Amber Case

Shiner Bavarian Amber Case

Shiner Bavarian Amber Glassware

Shiner Bavarian Amber Ad

Comments (3)

  1. why just now this old event is listed pls?

  2. This beer came out 5 years ago. I like McGarrah Jessee’s work as well as the next person, but why was it not worth mention at the time?

    • This website is only 2+ years old, so obviously I would not have been able to feature Shiner 98 when it first came out. My apologies if you find it annoying to post older brands, but I feel that it would be a shame to leave certain beers off of this site because of when they came out, regardless of the strength of their design work.