Citizen Beer Case

Citizen Beer

May 28, 2013 | Designed by Monday Design

Citizen, a local beer company, required a design that reflected the heritage and honour of quality beer making as well as the story behind their title.

The name ‘Citizen’ is a reference to the hidden elements in society — individuals you can interact with daily, but be unaware of the roles they play in shaping your world. It’s a nod towards espionage, subterfuge, and clandestine activities as regular people continue with their normal lives. Simply put: just another citizen.

The components of the heraldry incorporates both the elements of beer-making and ‘Citizen.’ The sun represents the glory received from performing honourably in a noble trade. The waving lines below the sun represent, at once, both barley fields swaying in the wind and flowing water; water and barley being the original ingredients of beer. Finally, one of the original weapons and symbols of stealth, a dagger, placed center representing the clandestine element of Citizen’s name.

Fonts used: Brandon Grotesque, Duke

Citizen Beer Bottle

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Citizen Beer Packaging

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Comments (5)

  1. Very nice work. Love the wheat pattern.

    • A very chic label and packaging. Classy for the classy folk of Cape Town and its surrounds. If the packaging and logo is anything to go by, then the beer must be very tasty and deserve the success that is coming its way!!!!

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  3. fantastic branding! loving that wheat pattern too. would love to try, but might be tough to get a hold of in australia!

  4. love the packaging! where did you get the boxes!!!!!!!