The One They Call Zoe

April 8, 2013 | Designed by Derouen & Co.

We’re proud to introduce our can package design for “The One They Call Zoe.” Hops and Grain Brewing in Austin, Texas, has just begun canning this pale lager as a companion and compliment to it’s already successful Pale Dog pale ale.

Zoe just happens to be owner/brewmaster Josh’s zippy and energetic Papillon. Like most, she’s a full on agility wizard, fast as lightning. The beer is brewed in a mildly traditional manner, very similar to many of the German lagers of the old world but then dry-hopped to add an extra layer of complexity. It’s excitedly drinkable and a perfect match of personalities.

In this new design we’ve introduced a bold color and made subtle refinements to the brand style. These both enhance the overall appeal of the can and ensure better success and consistency in the printing process. — Derrit DeRouen

Agency: The MAD House
Designer: Derrit Derouen
Project Manager: Larry McIntosh


Hops & Grain Zoe Can