Shiner Premium Beer

April 4, 2013 | Designed by McGarrah Jessee

Say hello to Shiner Premium, again.

This crisp, bohemian-style lager was first brewed in Shiner way back in 1909. The early bottles of Premium proudly displayed a cotton ball on the label — a tribute to the hardworking Czech and German immigrants who farmed cotton around the region. After a long day in the fields these farmers often found a cold bottle of Shiner Premium waiting on a fence post, left there by our own Kosmos Spoetzl. It’s no wonder that Premium soon became known as the local favorite.

Jump ahead to the 70s when Shiner Premium really came of age in Austin, where the beer was adopted by the city’s eclectic mix of hippies, rednecks, musicians and students. The underdog beer was a perfect fit in a town where uniqueness was celebrated. Now Shiner beers are known across the country — enjoyed by beer drinkers who embrace authenticity. Over the years, that same beer has had several names: Premium, Texas Special, Texas Export and most recently Shiner Blonde. At the Spoetzl Brewery, our history and heritage, and that of the town of Shiner itself, are very important to us. So, it’s with great pride that we’re bringing back our oldest symbol, the cotton ball label. And we’re giving the beer back its original name — Shiner Premium. Reintroduce yourself to Shiner Premium — a beer that will take you back and treat you right.

In addition to the new packaging, we’re launching an ad campaign to help re-introduce Premium. Like the packaging, elements of the campaign have a distinct 70s look and feel. Print and outdoor ads look like they came from that era, as do hats, shirts and belt buckles created with the cotton ball logo. We even have a “new” delivery vehicle — a 1974 Chevy van that we bought, painted the same color gold as the cans, added the logo plus some sweet airbrushed images of a rattlesnake and eagle, each clutching a Shiner bottle. We even reprinted an entire 1976 issue of Texas Monthly, including a vintage Shiner ad.
— McGarrah Jessee

Shiner Premium Beer

Shiner Premium Beer Can

Shiner Premium Beer Ad

Shiner Premium Beer Billboard

Shiner Premium Beer Billboard

Shiner Premium Beer


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  2. I just tried the Premium this weekend and very much enjoyed it. It’s a fine addition to the Shiner Bock which is regularly stocked in my fridge. It’s light in color but lacks nothing in flavor. Both this and the Bock both get a 5 star in my book.

  3. Glad Premium is back…. never understood why they discontinued brewing it

  4. Shiner Premium is simply delicious.

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  6. I just started drinking Shiner Premium Beer and it tastes great! Since my doctor actually prescribed a two beer a day regimen for me, as opposed to the two or three beer a year routine I had been doing, I wanted to be sure of the alcohol content of the Premium beer since it’s the newest of the “select” beer I drink since I can only drink two a day as opposed to the two six-pack regimen of many in this area. My doctor said I couldn’t drink any “lite” beers so I want to know I’m getting enough alcohol but not too much.

  7. Shiner Blonde *was* my all time favorite beer. I was heartbroken when it was discontinued. I did not realize Premium was the same beer. I tried it as part of a Family Reunion pack and it did not taste quite the same to me, lacked the finish that I associate with Blonde. But perhaps that is psychological. Definitely a tasty, smooth lager though.

  8. I’m here in Montgomery Texas, I have 1 clear empty bottle of Rattlesnake Beer. What can anyone tell me about it ?

  9. I started drinking Shiner Premium about 2 years ago and now that I’m hooked on it I can’t find it in the Dallas area. Has it been discontinued?

    • They still list it on their website. Maybe try their tracker to hunt it down?

    • No, it has NOT been discontinued, and I have a couple of six-packs in my special beer refrigerator as we speak!! I moved from Dallas out here to rural East Texas back in 1980, and the best liquor store in Longview (along I-20) keeps it stocked regularly. My son and I were first “hooked-on” Shiner Bock, and then I discovered Shiner Premium a year or so ago, and it’s a staple in my doctor-prescribed beer diet (not kidding), and I can ALWAYS get it in any place out here that sells beer. I wish you the best in your search.

      • Thank you sir,for your assistance. I have searched in the Dallas,Grand Prairie and the Duncanville area and it is no where to be found. My wife called our local Tom Thumb grocery store and they will start stocking it again next week. Shiner Premiun is undeniably the best beer. Again thank you for your advice.

  10. Well, I may stand corrected from my comment of last year because I can’t find any Shiner Premium beer on 12 oz, bottles (the ONLY way I drink beer: in bottles). I would sure appreciate any help in locating that Shiner Premium in 12 oz, bottles only. I’ll drive some distance to get it, as I have for other beers, if I can be ABSOLUTELY SURE it’ll be there waiting for me.

  11. Well, where’s my bottled Shiner Premium beer???

  12. I agree with Robert, Where can I find Shiner Premium beer in Long neck bottles in the San Antonio, Tx or Wilson County, Tx area???”?

  13. I live in a city of over 2.5 million people and Shiner Premium is nowhere to be found. This week I traveled to uvalde,tx a city of 2000 thousand people and that is where I located my very favorite beer. A very grueling drive just to find and buy the last 2 six packs on the shelve. Why can we not find this beautiful beer in Dallas,Texas?

  14. Drinking a bottle of Shiner Premium as I type this. Bought at Brookshires in Tyler, TX, an hour and a half east of Dallas.

  15. Congrats, TylerBadger!!! My favorite liquor store FINALLY came up with some Shiner Premium, in 12 oz. bottles as I prefer over cans, and I’ve got a case of it in my, what I call my “beerigerator” since it’s totally dedicated to the beers I like since my doctor literally prescribed I have 2 a day to raise my HDL, or “happy cholesterol” a couple of points. The prescription has been sucessful and I’m a happy man. And so is my wife since I bought her a newer and bigger refrigerator for the kitchen.

  16. I have an unopened bottle of rattlesnake beer. Do you have any information on this?