Modern Times Beer Logo

November 14, 2012 | Designed by Simon Walker

“Why is it called ‘Modern Times?’”, you ask, tilting your head like an inquisitive puppy. “Modern Times” was a utopian community built on Long Island in 1850 by a bunch of wild-eyed wingnuts who thought they could demonstrate to the world what a more perfect society might look like. They bartered, lived without a state, sometimes ignored the conventions of marriage (although probably not in the super hot way you’re imagining), and generally experimented with creating a less exploitative, more pleasurable world. Naturally, the whole thing eventually imploded when legit nut jobs from New York City found out about the “free love colony” just a train ride away and overran it. It’s now Brentwood, NY.

I chose to name the brewery after Modern Times because I’m fascinated by the colorful, ambitious little pockets of history that develop in the folds of progress, the forgotten little paradises that barely register in the onward rush of civilization. I also appreciate what the colonists were trying to achieve for themselves: to live, right now, in a world of enterprising, fulfilling hedonism. Hopefully, Modern Times Beer will be one of those little pockets too.

— Jacob McKean, Founder, Modern Times Beer

Much, much more to come from this brewery. But this logotype is one hell of a start.

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  2. I almost bought a six pack then discovered it was more than 2 months past best served date. I am looking fwd to trying it fresh.