LittlePod Vanilla Beer

July 31, 2012 | Designed by Aesop Agency

Originally conceived as a limited edition product for LittlePod’s Diamond Jubilee hamper, Vanilla Beer received such a warm response from the trade when it was previewed last month that LittlePod managing director Janet Sawyer was persuaded to make it a permanent addition to the company’s product portfolio. ‘We got fantastic feedback,’ she says. ‘People were very complimentary about the uniqueness and individuality of the beer. We feel that it is a really special little beer and it’s great other people seem to agree in quite large numbers!’ LittlePod has received expressions of interest from customers in Europe and Asia.

LittlePod asked Aesop to create packaging that reflected the beer’s innate specialness. ‘We love the design,’ Sawyer comments. ‘It has a fantastic natural feel coupled with a classic, but contemporary look that is just right for our little beer.’

Aesop executive creative director Martin Grimer says: ‘The packaging for LittlePod Vanilla Beer shows a real lightness of touch and intuitive understanding of the brand story. We have a great deal of experience in packaging at Aesop and Harriet Beesley, the designer responsible, has done us proud.’
— Aesop Agency

LittlePod Vanilla Beer

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  1. I live in Chichester how may I purchase some Vanilla Beer? Is it stocked locally or can you send?

  2. I
    I too live not far from Chichester and would like to purchase some of this do you send or is there a local outlet that stocks it