Samuel Adams IPA Hop-Ology

May 31, 2012 | Designed by The Boston Beer Company

Packaging for Samuel Adams’ IPA mix pack, out now for a limited time. The illustrated labels pair nicely with the case, which was created with hand drawn chalk.

Created by the in-house design team at The Boston Beer Company
Designers: Joe Dion and Jim Dumas
Art directed by Matt Moffatt

Grumpy Monk Bottle Illustrated by: Dahl Taylor (Freelance)
Hop-Ology Packaging: Bernard Maisner (Freelance)

Sam Adams Hop-ology

Sam Adams Grumpy Monk

Sam Adams Hop-ology

Comments (4)

  1. The Monk is grumpy because the beer is only 5.7%.

  2. I dig the new look Sam Adams has taken, especially in their more limited releases and the above 12-pack.

    The Cinder Bock is a favorite of mine, both in taste of the beer and its label!

  3. Awesome, awesome IPA pack…love it. Thank you, Samuel Adams… Jim W.