Mateo y Bernabé

May 16, 2012 | Designed by Moruba

Logroño is the capital of the autonomous community of La Rioja in northern Spain. This region is renown for its wine, which is an important component of their economy. In 2012, Mateo & Bernabé began making the first hand-crafted beer in La Rioja. The name of the brewery and its beers come from the city’s patrons saints.

Mateo draws its name from the patron saint of Logroño’s wine harvest festival. This weeklong event begins the Saturday before September 21st, which is the day of the feast of San Mateo. The prominent “21” on the beer’s label marks this date. The traditional tool used for harvesting grapes, the corquete, is also featured on the bottle.

Fittingly for a beer from a region famous for its wine, Mateo is a wheat ale with strong fruity tones.

The Bernabé label dates back to 1521, when the French under King Francis I crossed into Spain and held Logroño under siege. Fish caught in the Ebro River kept the people alive until the French besiegers were finally fought off on June 11th. This date is now celebrated as the feast of San Bernabé, the city’s patron saint. This sweet and fruity golden ale bears his name.

Mateo & Bernabé Beer Bottles
Mateo & Bernabé Cases
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  2. Any idea where this was printed? Beautiful

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  4. Hello there, brewer in Sweden here interested in where one can get a supply of these bottles! Do you perhaps know where they get them/who makes them? I’m in love with the shape and having both green and amber bottles to choose from is very important to me! Thanks for any help, best regards,

  5. Hi Aiden,

    Spendrup’s is the importer for us in Sweden.