Dockside Brewing Company

Dockside Brewing Company

May 3, 2012 | Designed by Landor

One designer, two production guys, and a mailroom clerk from Landor decided that the company should pay for their beer, so they headed for the loading dock and started their own brewery.

Landor saw it as a great opportunity to push how far an idea could go within its walls. Everybody else saw it as a chance to put down their glasses of fizzy yellow water and drink quality locally-produced beer.

Each can tells a story about the flavor experience inside. You might say it’s our version of beer tasting for dummies.

Dockside Brewing Company
Dockside Brewing Company
Dockside Brewing Company
Dockside Brewing Company
Dockside Brewing Company
Dockside Brewing Company

Comments (13)

  1. The design is great, but it’s kinda making me think wine.

  2. Design is great, looks Wolffolins design,it is a bit complicated for a drink to stick in mind and made me think schewppes new flavoured category.

  3. Is this a product available for purchase or just a branding exercise?

  4. I’m guessing this was a branding exercise or you’re doing design work for a Vancouver brewery:

  5. Definitely a different take on beer packaging. Feels more at home with something you’d find in a retail store for middle aged women and moms.

  6. Meh, just a mash of geometry and Clipart.

    Totally unnoticed on the store shelfs

  7. reminds me of Whole Foods generic packaging for some reason, maybe just looks generic in general, would not buy this beer based on packaging, that much is for sure

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  11. Meh. Who drinks beer out of cans any way? Bogans do (rednecks for you americans) . And Bogans care not for anything other than their piss flavoured yellow water.

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  13. There are a ton of good beers in cans these days, Brendan. And on that note, there are a TON OF BEERS on the market. So kudos to Dockside for daring to be different. Not sure it works for me, but still, I applaud the creative courage.