St. Stefanus

April 20, 2012 | Designed by Brandhouse

Our brand team from Brandhouse UK gathered inspiration from our rich history. St. Stefanus has been brewed for over 700 years, originating at a monastery in Ghent. Known as Augustijn in Belgium, the brand was renamed for international distribution in order to reflect its heritage — namely its origins at the Sint Stefanus Monastery.

You can see hints of the history on the bottle itself. For example – the bottle cap shows the flaming heart of St. Augustijn (the monastery is part of the Augustinian order) and was taken directly from one of the actual stained glass windows at the monastery. The ‘S’ of the St. Stefanus logo itself also reflects the monastery — the font comes directly from one of the library’s songbooks.

Today, the beer is brewed by Jef Versele at his family brewery just outside of Ghent. When the monks realised that they could no longer feasibly brew the beer, they entrusted the recipe to the Van Steenberge family. Today, Jef and his family still work closely with the monks to retain the beer’s quality and heritage. Jef’s own passion and dedication is also reflected on the bottle – in the form of his own signature.

— St. Stefanus

St. Stefanus Beer

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  1. Experimentei a St Stephanus,no último beer Belgian Weekend e adorei.Será que posso encontra-la no Brasil?

  2. Having first tasted this beer at the brewery in Ghent, the bottled version we get in the US is a pale comparison, but still is amazing.

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