Brewed Awakening Giveaway

April 23, 2012 | Designed by Rachel Maloney

I’m happy to announce that we have a copy of Joshua M. Bernstein’s Brewed Awakening to give away to one lucky reader.

Brewed Awakening covers the resurgence of craft beer in America and around the globe. It recently won second place at the New York Book Show for design. Here’s the winning blurb:

Ultimate hipster guidebook that would work from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to Portland, Oregon. A 3-piece case with exposed boards and cut flush with a French-fold jacket that folds out to a fun poster. Design reflects every effort to have brown paper/DIY feeling.

How to enter:
1. Follow @ohbeautifulbeer on Twitter
2. Tweet this message before 11:59pm EST on Friday, April 27, 2012:
“I want to win a copy of “Brewed Awakening” from @JoshMBernstein & @ohbeautifulbeer”

A winner will be selected at random and announced on twitter Saturday morning.

Brewed Awakening
Cover & map were designed by Ben Gibson from Pop Chart Labs.

Behind the scenes:

If you’re a designer or brewery that has been featured on this website and are interested in donating items for future giveaways, email

Limit of one entry per person. Do not create additional twitter accounts to enter multiple times, or do anything else shady that I’m not thinking of right now.


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