Tasting Book

Tasting Book Giveaway

March 1, 2012 | Designed by Tina Hardison

We previously featured Tina Hardison’s design work for the Raleigh Homebrewers. She was kind enough to donate four of her beer books and we’re giving them away to one lucky winner!

These beer tasting books are a pocket sized beer journal for keeping track of the beers you drink, where you drinking them at and what you thought of them. It also gives you key beer terms to help you rate your beers and develop your tastes.

How to enter:
1. Follow @ohbeautifulbeer on Twitter
2. Tweet this message before 11:59pm EST on Sunday March 4, 2012:
“I want to win @tinamonstre’s beer tasting books from @ohbeautifulbeer http://bit.ly/wSkLTY”

A winner will be selected at random and announced on twitter Monday morning.

Limit of one entry per person. Do not create additional twitter accounts to enter multiple times, or do anything else shady that I’m not thinking of right now.

If you’re a designer or brewery that has been featured on this website and are interested in donating items for future giveaways, email giveaways@ohbeautifulbeer.com.


One Lonely Comment

  1. YAH! I am so happy I won these! I’ve got some beer drinking to do! Thank you so much. Love the blog. Couldn’t be anything better for graphic designer home brewer (me). I check the site everyday and get sad when there is not a new post. It drives me to drink! haha.