Brahma Limited Edition

March 6, 2012 | Designed by Pierini Partners

With a high-impact graphic, in which a variety of emblematic figures are superimposed in a stylized way, the new piece designed by the prestigious Argentinean agency fosters the brand image and its bond with the consumers of the region.

In the layout, many figures can be recognized between the colourful curved and anti-curved lines, which show natural and architectonic beauties, and the joy and festivities of the people. In that way, there is a combination between a woman’s smile (kindness and warmness), a fish (fishing richness and entertaining activities), a toucan (as a symbol of beautiful landscape and its singular and attractive fauna), and many more that this design encourages consumers to discover.
— Pierini Partners




Comments (5)

  1. Either I just dropped acid or those cans are awesome.

  2. Very colorful cans , I would try it

  3. Fun colors. Nice contrast and line work. I do like the design… but I’d never guess it was beer. Soda would be my first guess… It’s probably a yellow fizzy light beer… haha

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  5. Too much…

    beer is an alchoolic beverage (I drink it, and like) and these cans
    seems to be pointed to catch youngsters eye… as a soda can do…
    with best regards