Cable Car

Cable Car Brewing Co.

February 22, 2012 | Designed by Stranger & Stranger

“Take the Cable Car Home” with San Francisco’s Cable Car Brewing Company. Note the punch ticket on the neck.

Cable Car

Cable Car

Cable Car

One Lonely Comment

  1. um,

    a) they aren’t from SF, maybe Rochester NY but most likely made by a giant factory brewery somewhere. (doesn’t make them taste bad…still good beer)

    b) I’m pretty sure that’s not a cable car. Cable cars run with giant cables running beneath the streets attached by giant clamps run by the driver which look very very unique in side view.

    I suspect that that is an omnibus (a train car on tracks pulled by horses) and the guy on the right would be driving the horses via reins but the horses and reins have been shopped out.

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