Monteith's Single Source

Monteith’s Single Source

November 11, 2011 | Designed by Designworks

Single Source is a uniquely New Zealand beer aimed at reminding drinkers of the craft of beer brewing.

Monteith’s wanted to champion the beer category and raise it up to achieve a new appreciation for the quality and diversity of our beer brewers and the brewing process. Bar owners were telling us that beer wasn’t interesting enough, while winemaking is viewed as an almost spiritual process — the romance and mystery and the art of melding man, land and climate to create a unique expression. There’s so much magic around wine and pride in our national product, but in a well-made beer there are a lot of points in the chain that are actually more complicated than winemaking. We needed to tell that story, introduce new interest and make selecting and drinking a beer a rewarding learning experience as well as sensory one.

— Michael Crampin, Designworks

The resulting product was awarded Gold at this year’s Pentawards, a worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design.

The design approach was to place the product at the fore — it’s all about the journey that is taken to create a beer that fits the brewers ideals. The name is that process — Single Sourcing — handpicking place and people, the bottle as a protector, the signature line as the human journey of the beer’s creation.
— Jef Wong, Design Director

Monteith's Single Source
Monteith's Single Source
Monteith's Single Source
Monteith's Single Source
Monteith's Single Source

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  1. The sans serif is Gothic. Anybody recognize the serif used for “Monteith’s?” Here’s a larger version:

    Aachen is the closest I can find, but it’s not quite right:

  2. While I generally enjoy your blog, I do feel I should put out the disparity between the quality of design and that of the beer in this case. First, most beer geeks in NZ would not consider Monteiths a craft brewery. Second, this beer is rubbish. And third, most of the ‘facts’ on their label are inaccurate – for the best breakdown of this, visit

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