September 13, 2011 | Designed by Landor

Molson Coors approached Landor Associates to reinvigorate their Worthington’s brand, first established in 1744. The rebranding launched August 25th and extends across Worthington’s Creamflow, Red Shield, White Shield and seasonal ales and includes primary & secondary packaging, glassware, font and visual identity system.

The ale category is showing signs of growth for the first time in over a decade and Worthington’s is ideally placed to once again become one of the UK’s leading beer brands. Worthington’s drinkers are hard working people who value a good quality ale made with natural ingredients sourced in Britain, we deliver that for them consistently through our family ales of character.

— Nathan Haigh, Worthington Brand Director

We created a design which is crafted, yet unique and understated. By focusing on Worthington’s unparalleled heritage we celebrate the characters behind the brand; from barley farmers & brewers to the ale drinkers who have loved it since 1744. We created the ‘grain-to-glass’ story and tasting notes which featured on-pack and across communication, these celebrate the flavour characteristics of the ale in an accessible way for Worthington’s drinkers. The dagger and shield were brought to the fore as key design assets that now standout in the bar and on-shelf.

— Ben Marshall, Creative Director, Landor Associates

The Worthington’s can, before and after

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  2. Ha. The “Keep Calm and Carry On” makeover.

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