The Beer Distributors of Oklahoma

Beer Distributors of Oklahoma

September 23, 2011 | Designed by Funnel Design Group

Formed in 1938, the Beer Distributors of Oklahoma (BDO) is the state organization for licensed independent beer distributors in Oklahoma, the majority of which are family-owned and operated small businesses lead by second or third generation distributors.

The goal was to give the organization a new look without forgetting the rich heritage they have built since the 1930′s.
— Mauricio Cremer, Lead Designer, Funnel Design Group

The Beer Distributors of Oklahoma
The Beer Distributors of Oklahoma
The Beer Distributors of Oklahoma
The Beer Distributors of Oklahoma
The Beer Distributors of Oklahoma

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  2. Pretty awesome. Love the type on the black poster.

  3. Interesting to see the work done for a distributor. Have you taken a look at what left hand is doing? Check out what moxie sozo and charles bloom did on the 400 pound monkey label. oh and this site is very easy to navigate on a mobile.thanks

  4. I absolutely LOVE this!!! Wow! Such awesome work here!!!

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