Caffrey’s Irish Ale

Caffrey’s Irish Ale

September 19, 2011 | Designed by Landor

Last month, Landor released redesigns of the Molson Coors brands Worthington’s and Caffrey’s Irish Ale. The goal of the Caffrey’s rebrand was to “re-engage a lost generation of ale drinkers, encouraging them to once again include the brand in their drinking repertoire.”

Caffrey’s has a unique energy and movement in a beer that delivers a light and smooth taste. We sought to demonstrate this unique combination, deliberately shunning traditional ale design language in favour of a contemporary expression. The Irish knot has been brought to the fore across all communication, it not only promotes the brand’s strong Irish heritage, but also its smooth product flow and the social connections that Caffrey’s is renowned for.
— Ben Marshall, Creative Director, Landor Associates

Caffrey’s Irish Ale
The Caffrey’s can, before and after redesign

Comments (14)

  1. Will Caffrey’s Irish Ale ever return to the USA? Caffrey’s is my favorite beer and I haven’t had one in 8 years! Please bring Caffrey’s back to the USA!

  2. drank caffreys for many years at paddy’s in milwaukee. please bring it back to the u.s.

  3. I don’t always drink beer but when I do I prefer Caffrey’s. Please bring it back to the US.

  4. bring it back tothe US.. was my favorite as well. I have not had a Coors product since they stooped importing Caffreys… Killians is a joke

  5. We need this great Ale back in the USA!! Bring back Caffrey’s PLEASE!!!

  6. It has been long enough

  7. I’m tired of paying the $80 import fee! When will I be able to buy Caffrey’s in the US again??

  8. When are you coming back to the USA?

  9. I refuse to drink Killians and other Coors products. Been over 10 years since Caffreys was discontinued in the U.S.

    Get over yourself Coors… bring it back… It’s nothing like Killians and is not in direct competition.

  10. Cafferys is the best ale ever. WHY is it no longer sold in the US

  11. I first had Caffery’s in England when I was there on a Flight with the Air Force many years ago. It still remains to be one of my favorite beers. Who ever banned it from the US needs to get over what ever reason they did this and bring it back. There is a following growing that would be great advertisement for the Coors Company. Us Irish Americans want and need this beer back. If you need help just ask. It is too important not to bring back.

  12. Does anyone know where I can buy Caffery’s in or near Pittsburgh PA?

  13. I’m on the search in PGH as well…

    • Unfortunately Molson-Coors discontinued it in the states so because they felt interfering with tsales of that horse piss the call an Irish brew (Killians)