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Brooklyn Brewery

September 21, 2011 | Designed by Milton Glaser

When Steve Hindy and Tom Potter were creating Brooklyn Eagle Beer (as it was going to be called) they interviewed over 30 design firms. All along, the guy at the very top of their list was Milton Glaser. After calling every day for two weeks, Milton’s secretary finally let Steve talk to the designer. Going into the meeting, Steve said that he was looking for a logo “that every guy in Brooklyn would want tattooed on themselves”

In 1987, two guys visited me with the intention of launching a new beer brewed in Brooklyn. Tom Potter, an investment banker, and Steve Hindy, a journalist, were passionate about the possibilities. They knew their history: At one point, Brooklyn had over 100 breweries, which had shrunk to none. Since then they’ve had incredible success, growing in productivity and reputation. Nice guys, great beer.
— Milton Glaser

Milton talked them out of the “Eagle” and created a logo that really helped Tom and Steve move forward with fundraising.

It all began with the logo itself which was intended to produce a reference to the old Brooklyn Dodgers before they decamped for Los Angeles.
— Milton Glaser

Fun Fact: Sweden is actually Brooklyn’s third largest market, as it’s cheaper to ship there than the west coast.

Font used: Copperplate Gothic

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  1. This reaffirms the need to have your design in place before going to funding. It seems like it should be the reverse, but a killer design just shows that you have your shit together.

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  3. Brooklyn Beer is popular in the UK too! Great Logo design as well.