Williams Brothers Birds & Bees

Williams Brothers Birds & Bees

August 1, 2011 | Designed by Mil Stricevic

A one-off commission to design a single pump-clip for a cask-conditioned ale led to a complete rebrand of the Scottish company formerly known as Heather Ale.

From their niche position as award-winning producers of specialist and artisanal historic ales, the new name and identity has allowed this family business to simultaneously develop inroads to more mainstream commercial markets whilst retaining the values upon which the company was built.

The key to the new identity was staring us in the face:
2 brothers who had built a business together from their love of making beer. By emphasising the human angle of this story, the company now has a unique and distinct identity which speaks of provenance, accountability and pride in their product without having to play too heavily the Scottish card; the traditional fall-back in this market sector.

The brothers-in-partnership provided inspiration for both the company logo, which makes an ear of barley from the 2 x Ws, and the ‘twin faces’ seal, which adorns every product just above the company motto: Microbrewed for Maximum Flavour!
— Mil Stricevic