Simcoe Imperial IPA

Simcoe Imperial IPA

August 4, 2011 | Designed by Ralph Steadman

Happy International IPA Day everybody! (Please note that I showed enough restraint to not say “Hoppy”). Here’s a fine one from Flying Dog.

From the label:
“While that damn Dionysus was taking all the glory, Simcoe, Greek God of Beer and Relaxation, was out, diligently developing tools for man to brew – fresh grain and hops, active yeast, and bountiful water. With its golden glow and sharp hop bite, our Imperial Single Hop IPA is a tribute to this lesser-known God (and as temple-worthy as its namesake).”

What IPA are you celebrating with today?

Comments (3)

  1. You did show restraint…until you didn’t 😀

    I don’t think the quotation marks absolve you, either.

  2. I have some more art for this, if you’re interested. I have the tap handle sticker, and the complete brewery supplied art. Let me know if you’re interested.