Brewers & Union

Brewers & Union

June 29, 2011 | Designed by Collective São Gabriel

These beer aren’t beautiful. They’re handsome, refined and charming. These are the Sean Connery of beers (and being from South Africa, they’d have a great accent too if, you know, they could talk).

Brewers & Union Berne
Brewers & Union Dark Lager
Brewers & Union Lager
Brewers & Union Steph Weiss

Update April 19, 2012: Rui Esteves of Collective São Gabriel was kind enough to send along these new goodies:

Beast of the Deep
Versus Goliath
Which Beer?

One Lonely Comment

  1. Pretty as they are, they’re unfortunately not a South African beer. They’re sold in SA, and the design in South African, but the beer inside them is brewed in Germany.