Angry Scotch Ale

Angry Scotch Ale

May 3, 2011 | Designed by Atmosphere Design

With the ACL painted bottle print process I like to keep designs simple so one can pick up the entire message and feel of the product on a single glance. We feel there’s a lot of busy, poorly designed and illustrated ‘craft’ beer labels in this city so by using a simple effective concept we aim to cut through that clutter on the shelves.

— Atmosphere Design

I think you’ll agree they’ve achieved just that. This strong, dark ale would have a bold presence on any shelf. And who can pass up a beer with big swords?

ACL (Applied Ceramic Labeling) is a direct-screen printing process. It looks really sharp and I wish more breweries would go with this direction.

Russell Angry Scotch Ale

Russell Angry Scotch Ale Tshirt

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