Roscoe’s Fine Ale

April 8, 2011 | Designed by HUB Collective

Homebrewers of the world, the bar has been set.

These beautifully detailed letterpress labels were created for a Portland, Oregon homebrewer. You’ll notice the strip on the label where he will write the type of beer, alcohol per volume and bottling date. They look absolutely fantastic, and must feel very distinct in your hand.

Not to be outdone, he also commissioned HUB to design posters and tshirts. They were kind enough to send along some action photos from the printing process:

Roscoe's Fine Ale
Roscoe's Fine Ale
Roscoe's Fine Ale
Roscoe's Fine Ale

Comments (2)

  1. Wow…great insight to the printing process. This guy must be a hit with his buddies when he pulls out a home brew with his labeling on it.

  2. Damn. I better step it up. Writing in pencil on the bottle cap just isn’t cutting it now.

    Its great to see pics of the process.