Rein Lager

Rein Lager

April 26, 2011 | Designed by Vladimir Pospelov

This is exactly as bizarre as a non-alcoholic concept beer from Russia should be.

Rein Lager

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  1. Actually, it looks Norwegian and not Russian. .no is a Norwegian domain, and “Alkoholfritt øl” means “alcohol free beer” in norwegian (and in swedish 🙂 ). Maybe it’s the design that’s russian?

  2. @JoSjo, well in Sweden we don’t write beer like øl, but öl! So either its Danish or Norwegian 🙂

    • Det vet jag mycket väl, men det skulle bli för mycket extra text bara för att en bokstav ser annorlunda ut. 😉
      Och heter det “alkoholfritt” på danska tror du?

  3. This is a personal project by the designer.

    The website from the bottle means it is meant to be Norwegian, but the website doesn’t exist and there are no traces of the brand online, besides other links to these renderings and the artist.


  4. How was printed this beer?

  5. Hi guys. this is just a concept beer. this brand does not exist. I wanted to make a beautiful non-alcoholic beer. with a Norwegian theme. Unfortunately living in Russia, I only know about Norway from the Internet. I apologize if I made a any national mistake.