Rat City

Rat City Beer Co.

April 7, 2011 | Designed by Richie Stewart

If punk rock existed during prohibition, it would look like this.

The company was named as a tribute to the neighborhood it resides in, notorious for it’s overwhelming rat population. Being ever optimistic, the name was a way to show local pride as well as differentiate itself from the many other brewhouses in Boston and the surrounding area.
— Richie Stewart

Really unique and inspiring work from Richie, be sure to visit his website to see more of the Rat City lineup (including malt 40s!).

Rat City Beer Co.
Rat City Beer Co.
Rat City Beer Co.

Comments (4)

  1. Where do I buy some of this?!

  2. From all accounts this seems to be a fictitious product, right? I hope I’m wrong cuz it would be even better work than it is it it was real. All the work from this designer appears to be really great “made up” stuff. Still good stuff, real or not.

  3. The twitter account just adds to a really bizarre bamboozle. The posts again seem to be just nonsense. And they appear to be written by the same person. Wonder who? I mean, what kind of beer co. or any co. for that matter doesn’t have a website?