New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium Brewing

April 1, 2011 | Designed by Cultivator

This New Belgium logo all started in 1989 with founder Jeff Lebesch riding his bike from Belgian brewery to Belgian brewery. The homebrewer returned to Colorado inspired and created the recipe for Fat Tire Amber Ale.

The brewery became well known for this brew. The drawback to this success was that they found consumers were not identifying New Belgium as the brewer of Fat Tire.

Our biggest fear was that we would be called the ‘Fat Tire Brewery’ and we never wanted to become that. We want to be more than a product brand.
— Greg Owsley, Chief Branding Officer, New Belgium Brewing

In 2006, Cultivator Advertising & Design created a new logo to help reestablish this connection. The new logo ties together the company name, the flagship beer and the brewery’s history.

Sometimes the world chooses a logo for you.
— Monte Mead, Creative Director, Cultivator

Font used: Copperplate Gothic

Click here to see the previous “chalice” logo.

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  1. Definitely like the new logo. Very well done.

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