Shiner Poster

Shiner Beer Posters

March 30, 2011 | Designed by McGarrah Jessee


Great ad campaign from McGarrah Jessee. They’ve created a series of posters featuring several “I can’t believe I do this for a living” Shiner employees. Each poster has the look and feel of a real working man’s beer from a century-old brewery in a tiny little town in Texas. (Which is good, because that’s the case.)

The posters are available for download at the Shiner website.

Shiner Beer Poster
Shiner Beer Poster
Shiner Beer Poster

Comments (11)

  1. Those posters a pure genius!

  2. InBev hasn’t bought them out and closed down the plant yet?

  3. I think the next ad campaign should include a spokesman (the obvious choice would be Patrick Swayze circa Roadhouse, but that’s not gonna happen…Henry Rollins? Chuck Liddell?) giving a black eye to any one who orders an internationally owned macrobrew instead of a Shiner.

  4. No, in fact, they make ZiegenBock just to compete with Shiner. I’m pretty sure that no *real* Texas drinks ZiegenBock though.

  5. The day Shiner sells out, is the day I will no longer drink Shiner.

  6. That is one super poster. Love the line.

  7. Love the style and the series has a great concept.

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  9. I have a hard time telling my wife…that guy’s face really gave me a chuckle. Great concept and campaign.

  10. This is the most original and graphically nice advertising campaign I’ve ever seen … congratulations. And I love their beer