Red Brick Brewing Posters

Red Brick Brewing Posters

March 16, 2011 | Designed by 22squared

As a recent southern transplant, I can really appreciate this poster series for Atlanta-based Red Brick Brewing. They all tie into the brewery’s “Beer from around here” slogan and approach that all non-southern beer is an import. Below is a great video about the new marketing campaign and rebranding for the beer. It sums it all up much better than my ramblings ever could. So just watch it. Right now. Preferably with a beer in hand.

Red Brick Brewing
Red Brick Brewing
Red Brick Brewing

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  1. Genius marketing campaign. I love the one about new england beer and the money going to the queen. I’m curious how the company is doing now, as compared to 2009.

  2. While I can appreciate how the “southern pride” is expressed here, I’m pretty sure a lot of Texas and Louisiana natives would get offended to get bunched into the “you all” crowd. I’m in Dallas, and have never heard anyone that from here say “you all.” But then again, this ad isn’t for us. 🙂

  3. I’m a Houston-transplanted from St. Louis so I say “you guys” but this instantly offended me, everyone I know says “y’all” in these here parts.

  4. Beautiful poster. Great blog. See this poster for a Brazilian beer:


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  6. That poster design is really cool!

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