König Bansah Akosombo

König Bansah Akosombo

March 3, 2011 | Designed by Julian Zimmerman

King Bansah is an African king living in Germany. For his branding, the king turned to Julian Zimmerman. As you’d expect, this was composed of numerous items, including business cards, stationary, wax seal, website — and the label of his very own beer, Akosomba! This, I guess, makes sense. If I was a king, I’d certainly want my own beer. I’d also want Yeti fur rugs and a pool full of gummy bears, but that’s beside the point.

The overall branding for the African king is strong, regal and exotic. See all of it here. It’s a must visit just to see King Bansah’s signature. It’s AMAZING.

King Bansah's Akosombo
King Bansah's Akosombo

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  1. Good thing he’s not an athlete. That might be a tough signature to do on a baseball.

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