Colorado Demoiselle

March 28, 2011 | Designed by Randy Mosher

Cervejaria Colorado is one of Brasil’s original microbreweries. The man behind their beautiful labels, Randy Mosher, is well established in the beer world to say the absolute least. He is a beer and brewing expert, teacher, author and graphic designer specializing in branding for craft breweries.

Comments (10)

  1. Its from Brazil, a good one

  2. I think the work of Randy very limited, their influence is only one, he conceptualizes the only influence on who knows.

  3. Never seen a porter from Brazil…interesting.

  4. I’m from Brasil, but never saw this beer.
    I find the pedobear in the logo very disturbing.

    • You should look a little harder. This beer is everywhere (at least in São Paulo).
      And it~s not a pedobear, just a bear. Seek help.

  5. one of the best beers in Brazil. definitely the best brazilian labels. thanks for posting.

  6. Colorado produces some of the best beers in Brazil, for sure. I’m also a big fan of their other beers (Appia, Indica and Cauim).

  7. Colorado is one of the best and most delicious beers found in Latin America, my favorite is “Indica”, a IPA full bodied and dense very tasty.

  8. This beer is absolutely amazing tasting. As unique as Sao Paulo