Life & Limb

Life & Limb

February 25, 2011 | Designed by Jeremy Holmes

For the fairy tale collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head, brewery founders Ken Grossman and Sam Calagione turned to the award-winning children’s book illustrator Jeremy Holmes. The result is a very unique and intricate label that further justifies the $10 per 24oz bottle price tag.

Built upon birch syrup from Alaska and maple syrup from the Calagione family farm in Massachusetts, this is a very complex and earthy beer. The same can be said for the beer’s label. You’ll notice the two tree trunks merging together, symbolizing the two breweries, the prominent syrup tap and plenty of small decorations in the tree and background.

More about those details from Aces & Ales:
“The two prominent birds are the California State bird, the Valley Quail and the Delaware state bird, the Blue Hen Chicken. The tree includes a bicycle sprocket for Ken’s love of riding, and a guitar as a reference to Sam’s on-again, off-again beer geek hip-hop group, The Pain Relievaz. In the mountains there is also a small climber for Ken’s mountainous past and a small Dogfish Head fish and the Sierra Nevada Banner.”

See more at the official Life & Limb website.

Life and Limb

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